UIL manages a homestay program of over 500 families from its Springfield campus. Homestay families are carefully selected to meet UIL’s expectations and all homestay families are carefully screened for suitability.

Homestay families assist students getting to their UIL campus on the first day so that they are familiar with travel to and from their homestay location. Boarding house accommodation is available to students entering one of UIL’s partner boarding schools. Boarding houses provide a caring and supportive environment for students preparing to enter an Australian high school. Students who are 18 years old and over have the option to stay in share accommodation with other students or in apartment accommodation near to their UIL campus.

Interested in becoming a Homestay Family?

Share your home with an international student to receive a unique cultural experience, plus supplement your family income.

As a UIL Homestay Family, you’ll provide a home away from home for students of all ages for either a long term period (3 months to 1 year+) or short term period (1 to 12 weeks). Act as a conduit of cultural enrichment as you offer your student a friendly, caring, and supportive family life, providing accommodation, meals and transportation to and from the UIL campus during their stay.

To apply or for more information, contact the UIL Springfield campus on or visit our Contact Page.
Call UIL Homestay on 0422 001 240

Download the UIL Homestay Family Application 2024 form or complete and submit it online via this link.

UIL works with local providers to offer a range of accommodation options for students travelling to study.
Apartments are located close to the UIL Campus and can be organized to suit a range of budgets.

Contact our Student Support Officers for further information.