Study Tours

Many students first enter UIL to undertake a short study program. These short courses are an excellent complement to programs taught offshore and a wonderful first step for students needing to plan long term study pathways. Several benefits are gained from UIL short study tours. Our tours feature:

Customised Tours

Customized tours to directly meet a groups needs by working closely with organisers

Strong reputation

Excellent reputation for achieving significant English language improvement

Education pathways

Personalised education pathways can be planned for individual students and documentation organized to allow students to apply for a visa for further study in Australia

IELTS testing

Students can be prepared for IELTS testing and can sit for their examination while on tour

Small Classes

UIL’s classes are small and teachers are supportive of individual student’s needs

Careful monitoring

Teachers carefully monitor all students’ progress and learning

Innovative methods

UIL offers innovative teaching methods where students learn by being individually involved in very proactive methodologies

No age restrictions

Study tours are available for groups of all ages at any time of the year.


UIL study tour participants can directly experience Australian culture allowing faster and more effective integration for those returning to study and work in Australia. UIL has an excellent homestay program with a fulltime homestay coordinator on call 7 days a week 24hrs a day to deal with any homestay issues.

Individuals on a UIL study tour can investigate first hand opportunities for future education, employment and business opportunities available to them. Queensland offers a safe, clean and friendly environment for international visitors, that is more cost effective than the southern states in Australia.

Teacher Training

UIL can develop customised courses for teachers from overseas in practical methods of how to teach communication English. Many international students already have a strong base of English grammar, spelling, reading and writing but are not as strong in oral communication in the English language. UIL focuses on the methodologies to enable international teachers to develop their students further in this direction.

To date UIL has had teaching groups from a range of countries including China, Korea and Japan come to Australia and take part in these very practical courses. The feedback regarding these courses has been exceptionally positive in allowing teachers to take very useful methods and exercises back to their own schools. Some of our teacher groups come as part of a student study tour group enabling them to spend part of their visit in their own teacher training sessions and the rest of their time with their study tour group enjoying various Australian activities. There are other teacher groups that come as an individual training group by themselves.

UIL creates the individual teacher training courses based on the required outcomes of the group, the current English level of the teachers and the period of time the group will be in Australia.  These courses are conducted both at UIL campuses and our partner schools allowing the international teachers to observe first hand teaching in Australia. 

Specialist Programs

UIL can offer a comprehensive range of services in the development and delivery of professional education programs. UIL has the ability and staff to customize and design specific courses for individual clients and groups.

Professional Development Courses

UIL can combine English and professional development programs related to local government, administration, nursing and other industry specific areas

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